Hoppscotch clients

Hoppscotch has two different clients:

  1. Hoppscotch Web App
  2. Hoppscotch CLI

Understanding the user interface

Hoppscotch has a simple and intuitive UI. The UI is divided into 5 sections:


The topbar is where you can find the search, login, workspace selector and more.

The menu is where you will find the different platforms that Hoppscotch offers and switch between them. You can also access the setting page from the menu.

The sidebar is where you can see additonal features depending on the platform you are working on. Sidebar houses features like history and collections.


The main panel is where you will spend most of your time. This is where you will create and send requests and view the responses.

The footer houses the status bar. The status bar allows you to toggle sidebar, go full screen, get help and support and more.