Environment variables

Environment variables allow you to store and reuse values in your requests and scripts.

By storing a value in a variable:

  • You can reference it throughout your request section
  • You can change it's value by updating it at a single place
  • You increase your ability to work efficiently and minimize the likelihood of errors

Adding environment variables

You can create a new environment by clicking the environments icon on the sidebar and clicking the new button. Let's label the environment as Pokemon Envs.

Now, let's create an environment variable called baseURL pointing to https://pokeapi.co/api/v2.

Adding environment variables

Similarly, you can create multiple environments and environment variables.

Accessing environment variable

If you have more than one environments, select the environment whose variables you want to access. You can access the variables in the request section by referencing the variable in the following format <<variable_name>>, in our case the variable will be <<baseURL>> and the complete URL will be <<baseURL>>pokemon/ditto.

  • You can add your variables to Global environment, which can be accessed globally, ie. in every other evironments.