Discover Hoppscotch Desktop App

Open-source API development Ecosystem

Hoppscotch is a lightweight, web-based API development suite. It was built from the ground up with ease of use and accessibility in mind providing all the functionality needed for API developers with minimalist, unobtrusive UI.

  • Open-source and lightweight
  • Cross-platform support
  • Self-Hostable and free to use

What's new

Lightweight and snappy

Hoppscotch is built with performance in mind and designed to be seamless and instant.

Open source community

Built on top of open source technologies by the community, for the community.

Built for developers

Have all your teams in one place and collaborate on your APIs with ease.

Keyboard first design

Designed to be intuitive and easy to use with keyboard shortcuts.

Cross-platform apps

Works on Web, Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile. No installation is required.

Safe and secure

Designed to keep your data safe and protected. Choose the data you sync with us!