This section will help you get started with self-hosting your instance of Hoppscotch. If you are looking to self-host your instance of Hoppscotch you will need to have to install a few other dependencies. Go through our prerequisite guide below install all the required dependencies and have the required information ready.

Hoppscotch Enterprise Edition is available for on-premise deployment with priority support. Contact Hoppscotch Support

Hoppscotch Self-Host is available in two editions

  1. Community Edition.
  2. Enterprise Edition.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two editions:

Self-HostCommunity Edition (CE)Enterprise Edition (EE)
We build software in the open, with permissive licenses and thriving communities because we believe investing in open source will help leave the world a little better than we found it.Deploy Hoppscotch on-premise with our support. Securely manage, organize, and accelerate API-first development at scale. Hoppscotch Self-Host is the one-stop solution to own control over your APIs, data, and privacy.
InstallationInstall, administer, and maintain on your own.Install, administer, and maintain on your own with our priority support.
Upgrades and maintenanceUpdate it yourself. Quarterly releases.Guaranteed quarterly updates. Take advantage of the priority support for early birds.
Hosting and DeploymentSelf-managed so you can deploy in your own data center or cloud capacity.Self-managed so you can deploy in your own data center or cloud capacity.
OAuth ProvidersConfigure OAuth providers such as Email, GitHub, Google, and Microsoft for third-party authentication.Configure advanced OAuth providers like SAML-based SSO and OpenID Connect, along with Email, GitHub, Google, and Microsoft, to enable comprehensive third-party authentication options.
Workspace ManagementInvite Workspace Members, Assign roles and remove members with Owner rights.Invite Workspace Members, Assign roles and remove members with Owner right.
Advanced admin toolsNot included.Access advanced admin tools to govern, audit, and secure user permissions and data. Includes features like user permissions, audit logs, and more.
Access ControlsNot included.Implement robust access controls, including domain whitelisting and site protection, to enhance security and restrict access to authorized users only.
SupportCommunity forums.Dedicated support from the Hoppscotch team to provide critical response, help establish best practices, and be an on-demand resource for ongoing questions.
Billed monthly.
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