Sometimes, your API requests might not behave as expected. It could be due to the following reasons.


If Hoppscotch fails to send your request, it could be because you may be experiencing connectivity issues. Check your connection by attempting to open a page in your web browser.


Sometimes firewalls may be configured to block non-browser connections. You might need to contact your network administrator so that Hoppscotch can work seamlessly.

Incorrect protocol

You might have specified the wrong protocol, check if you're using https:// or http:// in your URL or vice-versa.

Hoppscotch errors

It could also possible that Hoppscotch might be making invalid requests to your API server. You can confirm this by checking your server logs (if available). If you believe this is happening, do get in touch with the Hoppscotch team.

CORS restrictions

CORS or Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a security mechanism built into modern web-browsers. It may cause the following error when testing API endpoints or some other API endpoints with Hoppscotch.

This is because the API not sending the proper API headers (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) and can be solved in two ways.

  1. Ask whoever manages the API to add CORS support.
  2. Use Middleware like ProxyScotch for hosted APIs & the Hoppscotch Browser Extension for locally served APIs, and enable it in the "Interceptor" section of "Settings".