In Enterprise Hoppscotch, a record of all actions taken on the platform is saved which can be used to know what events happened, who performed them, and when they occurred. With the information present users may be able to draw insights related to the platform.

Log Format

Every event that occurred on the platform is saved in the following format.

  "event": "",
  "timestamp": "",
  "user": {
    "id": "",
    "email": "",
    "name": ""
  "group": {
    "type": "TEAM | USER | ADMIN",
    "id": "",
    "name": ""
  "resource": {
    "id": "",
    "type": "",
    "name": "",
    "metadata": ""
  "statusCode": "",
  "errorMessage": "",
  "result": "",
  "server_version": ""
eventAction performed
timestampThe date and time of a logged event
userThe user who made performed an eventid, email, name
groupWhere the user belongs to in the context of the eventtype, id
resourceUpon what the action is being carried outid, type, name, metadata
statusCodeStatus code for the action response
errorMessageError description if action failed
resultStatus of the action
server_versionServer version being run currently

An example of an audit log:

  "event": "",
  "timestamp": "2023-08-30 07:03:05",
  "user": {
    "id": "cllxa1zqt000gp91zaq6tj93d",
    "email": "",
    "name": "John Doe"
  "group": {
    "type": "ADMIN",
    "id": "cllxa1zqt000gp91zaq6tj93d"
  "resource": {
    "type": "TEAM",
    "metadata": "{\"id\":\"cllxe4ji4000op91zucsbwazj\",\"name\":\"Fellowship of the Hopp\"}"
  "statusCode": 200,
  "errorMessage": "",
  "result": "SUCCESS",
  "server_version": "2023.4.8"

Tracked Events

The following table contains all the events that are logged currently.

admin.users.inviteEvent for inviting multiple users to join the platform
admin.user.inviteEvent for inviting a single user to join the platform
admin.user.removeEvent for removing a user from the platform
admin.user.makeAdminEvent for elevating a user to admin status
admin.user.makeNormalEvent for demoting an admin user to normal user status for creating a new team for changing the role of a user in a team for removing a user from a team for adding a user to a team for renaming a team for deleting a team
admin.user.revokeEvent for revoking a user’s team invitation
user.auth.magicLinkSentEvent for when a magic link is sent to a user
user.auth.loggedInEvent for when a user logs in
user.auth.tokenRefreshEvent for when a user’s auth token is refreshed
user.auth.loggedOutEvent for when a user logs out
user.auth.adminVerifyEvent for when we verify if a user is an admin
user.session.updateEvent for updating a user’s app session
user.account.deleteEvent for deleting a user’s account
user.shortcode.createEvent for creating a shortcode
user.shortcode.revokedEvent for deleting a shortcode
team.createEvent for creating a new team
team.user.leaveEvent for when a user leaves a team
team.user.removeEvent for removing a user from a team
team.renameEvent for renaming a team
team.deleteEvent for deleting a team
team.member.roleUpdateEvent for changing a user’s role in a team
team.checkEvent for checking if a team exists
team.member.checkEvent for checking if a user is a member of a team
team.collection.createRootEvent for creating a root team collection
team.collection.importEvent for importing a collection from a JSON string
team.collection.replaceEvent for replacing an existing collection with new data
team.collection.createChildEvent for creating a child collection
team.collection.renameEvent for renaming a collection
team.collection.deleteEvent for deleting a collection
team.collection.moveEvent for moving a collection
team.collection.updateOrderEvent for updating the order of collections
team.collection.collectionCheckEvent for checking if a collection exists in a team
team.environment.environmentCheckEvent for checking if an environment exists in a team
team.environment.createEvent for creating an environment
team.environment.deleteEvent for deleting an environment
team.environment.updateEvent for updating an environment
team.environment.clearEvent for clearing the contents of an environment
team.environment.duplicateEvent for duplicating an environment
team.invitation.createEvent for creating a team invitation
team.invitation.revokeEvent for revoking a team invitation
team.invitation.acceptEvent for accepting a team invitation
team.invitation.inviteCheckEvent for checking if an invitation exists
team.request.createEvent for creating a team request
team.request.updateEvent for updating a team request
team.request.deleteEvent for deleting a team request
team.request.updateOrderEvent for updating the order of team requests
team.request.moveEvent for moving a team request
team.request.requestCheckEvent for checking if a request exists in a team
team.request.roleCheckEvent for checking if a user has the relevant role to perform an action in a request
user.session.updateEvent for updating a user’s app session
user.deleteEvent for deleting a user
user.collection.createRootEvent for creating a root user collection
user.collection.createChildEvent for creating a child user collection
user.collection.renameEvent for renaming a user collection
user.collection.deleteEvent for deleting a user collection
user.collection.moveEvent for moving a user collection
user.collection.updateOrderEvent for updating the order of user collections
user.collection.importEvent for importing a collection
user.environment.createEvent for creating a user environment
user.environment.updateEvent for updating a user environment
user.environment.deleteEvent for deleting a user environment
user.environment.deleteAllEvent for deleting all personal environments of a user
user.environment.clearGlobalEvent for clearing the global environments for a user
user.history.createEvent for creating a user history
user.history.toggleStarEvent for toggling the star on a user history
user.history.deleteEvent for deleting a user history
user.history.deleteAllEvent for deleting all user histories
user.request.createEvent for creating a user request
user.request.updateEvent for updating a user request
user.request.deletedEvent for deleting a user request
user.request.moveEvent for moving a user request
user.settings.createEvent for creating user settings
user.settings.updateEvent for updating user settings