Hoppscotch provides you with a minimal and blazing platform to design, develop and test your APIs. Hoppscotch enables you to quickly get started and even helps you to organize your work to help you improve your workflow.

Hoppscotch provides you with three major ways for you to manage your APIs and enhance your development workflow:

  • Collections
  • Environments
  • Workspaces


Collections help you save and organize your API requests. You can create collections and add requests to them to share with your team or to use later. You can also import and export collections from Hoppscotch, OpenAPI, and Postman.


Environments provide you the functionality to create key-value pairs that can be used as variables in your request URL, headers, and even as auth tokens. You can create several such key-value pairs and group them under a single environment. Environments are self-isolated from each other and an active environment needs to be selected if you have multiple environments created.