The Runner is a powerful tool that allows you to run a collection of requests sequentially. You can also configure the run settings to suit your needs.

Running a Collection

To run a collection:

  • Right-click on the collection and select the ”Run Collection” option.
  • Alternatively, hover over the collection name and click on the ”Run Collection” icon.

A new tab will open, where you can configure the run settings as described below.

Run Settings

  1. Delay: Set an interval delay (in milliseconds) between running each request.
  2. Stop Run if Error Occurs: The collection run stops if an error is encountered within a script or if there’s a problem sending a request.
  3. Persist Responses: Log response headers and bodies for review after running the collection. Note that persisting responses may impact performance for large collections.
  4. Keep Variable Values: Persist the variables used in the run, so any variables updated during the run will retain their changes after completion.

Runner Results

The Runner results page displays the results of your collection run. You can view the results of each request, including the request’s response, test results, and more. You can also view the results of the entire collection run, including the number of requests that passed, failed, or were skipped.

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