You can improve your workflow by efficiently performing actions straight from your keyboard.

Bring up the shortcuts sidebar on Hoppscotch using Ctrl/Cmd + /.

General shortcuts

?Help menu
KSearch & command menu
Ctrl/Cmd + /Keyboard Shortcuts
escClose current menu

Request shortcuts

Ctrl/Cmd + enterSend request
Ctrl/Cmd + SSave to collections
Ctrl/Cmd + UGenerate and copy request link
Ctrl/Cmd + IReset Request to
Alt/Option + Select Next method
Alt/Option + Select Previous method
Alt/Option + GSelect GET method
Alt/Option + HSelect HEAD method
Alt/Option + PSelect POST method
Alt/Option + USelect PUT method
Alt/Option + XSelect DELETE method

Response shortcuts

Ctrl/Cmd + JDownload response as a file
Ctrl/Cmd + .Copy response to clipboard
Ctrl/Cmd + Go back to previous page
Ctrl/Cmd + Go forward to next page
Alt/Option + RGo to REST page
Alt/Option + QGo to GraphQL page
Alt/Option + WGo to Realtime page
Alt/Option + SGo to Settings page
Alt/Option + MGo to Profile page

Miscellaneous shortcuts

Ctrl/Cmd + MInvite people to Hoppscotch