Press   ⌘ + K   anytime to open Spotlight.

Spotlight is an innovative feature introduced in Hoppscotch, designed to enhance your interaction with the application. By utilizing Spotlight, you can efficiently navigate through various functionalities and perform tasks swiftly.


To activate the Spotlight search functionality, you can employ the following key combinations based on their operating systems:

  • On macOS: Press Cmd + K
  • On Windows or Linux: Press Ctrl + K

Spotlight Interface

Upon triggering the Spotlight search, a search field will be displayed, allowing you to provide input. As you type, relevant suggestions will dynamically appear, aiding in quickly finding desired functionalities.

Spotlight not only offers dynamic suggestions but also facilitates their navigation and selection. The presented suggestions are ranked by relevance, enabling you to easily identify your desired options. Navigation can be achieved through:

  • Arrow keys: Use the arrow keys to move through the suggestions.
  • Enter key: Press the enter key to select the highlighted suggestion.

Alternatively, you can achieve the same functionality using the mouse or trackpad.

Spotlight revolutionizes the user experience within Hoppscotch by streamlining various tasks and reducing unnecessary clicks. With Spotlight, you can accomplish the following tasks more efficiently:

  • Navigate to any page within the app.
  • Search and find requests in your collections.
  • Create, edit, and quickly switch, workspaces and environments.
  • Rename, save, and send requests.