Setup Hoppscotch

To get started, head to and start using it right away for free.

Locally served APIs

If you're using Hoppscotch to test your locally served APIs, it is reccomended that you install the Hoppscotch Browser Extension. Read the pre-requisites and follow the steps below to get started.


  1. Install the browser extension from the below links:
  2. Click on the Hoppscotch Browser Extension icon from browser toolbar and add a new origin as http://localhost or http://localhost:8000 as per your local server configuration.

  3. Refresh the Hoppscotch Web App
  4. Open the interceptor and change the middleware to the browser extension

You can either go to the settings and enable the use of the browser extension as shown below:

Or you can open the interceptor menu and change the middleware as shown below:

Deployed APIs

To test your deployed APIs, you can use the Hoppscotch Web App without any additional setup.

Fix CORS errors

If your API is CORS enabled, you should switch the interceptor to "Proxy" from Settings page or the bottom bar to avoid CORS errors.

Proxy mode helps you to:

  • Bypass CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) restrictions
  • Hide your IP address
  • Access APIs served in non-HTTPS (http://) endpoints
  • Use your own Proxy middleware URL