Connect to a MQTT server

  1. Enter the MQTT server ”URL” and click on ”Connect“.

  2. Check the log to see if the connection was successful or not.

  3. To test your server add messages under a topic and publish it.

  4. Other devices in the server that have subscribed to the topic will get your messages.

  5. You can receive messages by subscribing to a topic that another device in the server transmits.

  6. Monitor the log for results.

Sending messages

Write your message in the ”Message” input field under the ”Communication” tab and click on the ”Publish” button. Type in the ”Topic” input field to send a message with a topic. The message you send will be displayed on the ”Logs” pane.


Click on the ”New Subscription” button to add a new subscription. Enter the topic name and click on the ”Subscribe” button to subscribe to the topic. The messages you receive will be displayed on the ”Logs” pane.


  1. Make sure you enter a valid MQTT URL, they always start with the protocol format ws://.
  2. Do not add invalid/incorrect authorization tokens before you connect to a MQTT server.

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