The RESTful protocol is the default protocol that is active when you open Hoppscotch. Hoppscotch allows you to make API requests and examine the responses.

You can enter the API endpoint and choose the HTTP method according to your needs from the dropdown menu. Once it is configured, click on the ”Send” button and you will see the response returned by the server. It’s that simple.

Now try it yourself, copy the below API endpoint, and create a request.

Let’s try another API.

We’ll be using the Pokemon API. Go ahead and create a GET request to the endpoint below:

If your request was successful, then you should get a JSON response as shown below:

  "ability": "",
  "berry": "",
  "pokedex": "",
  "pokemon": "",
  "version-group": ""

The Pokemon API has returned several new API endpoints or URLs, let’s pick the character’s URL and explore it.

To explore the characters create a GET request to the URL by copy-pasting the URL below:

The API should have returned a huge amount of data, something similar to the one below:

  "count": 1279,
  "next": "",
  "previous": null,
  "results": [
      "name": "bulbasaur",
      "url": ""
      "name": "ivysaur",
      "url": ""

Try experimenting with the /pokedex, /berry, and the other endpoints as well.

RESTful protocol

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