After successfully running the necessary containers, the next step involves creating an administrator account to manage Hoppscotch.

The system automatically designates the first user who logs in through the admin dashboard as the administrator.

Creating an administrator account

  1. Open a new browser tab and visit http://localhost:3100.
  2. This will grant you access to the admin dashboard.
  3. Login using your credentials or create a new account.
  4. The first user to log in will be given administrator privileges.

Hoppscotch Admin Dashboard Guide

Accessing the Hoppscotch app

With the administrator account set up, you can now start using the Hoppscotch app for API testing and development.

  1. Open a new browser tab and visit http://localhost:3000.
  2. Begin testing and developing your APIs seamlessly with Hoppscotch.
Hoppscotch Enterprise Edition is available for on-premise deployment with priority support. Contact Hoppscotch Support